Bangor, Maine: Ermah Ge founder Alder Stone Fuller is organizing multiple sections of his basic complexity sciences principles course, Complexity 101, to begin in downtown Bangor during October, 2016, with a set of free introductory lectures.  It will also be available via video and live teleconference sessions.  Click here for details.

This site describes the educational program developed by Alder Stone Fuller and associates in the educational collective and learning community, Ermah Ge.  Our primary mission is teaching the complexity (system) sciences applied to living systems —  cells, organisms,  ecosystems and the whole Earth (geophysiology) — and human organizations and societies.   We offer lecture series, seminars and courses at introductory and advanced college levels.   The complexity sciences are described as a revolution and a renaissance in the sciences, on par with relativity theory and quantum physics, but FAR easier to understand — even by those with no background in science — and MUCH more relevant to everyday life.  They are leading to a radical new, awe-inspiring new views of nature, Earth, life and organizations, important as the foundations for new cultural maps to guide us in the challenging century ahead.

Our secondary mission is teaching about abrupt climate change from a perspective of complexity and geophysiology — and that makes a HUGE difference in understanding — and how to mitigate it to the extent possible, but simultaneously build community resilience by increasing our adaptability.  

We are based in Bangor, Maine, USA, but we offer programs worldwide via videos and teleconferencing.

We suggest that you visit these pages to get to know us most quickly.

  • Here are bios and greetings from our associates and advisors.
  • Testimonials about our program are here.
  • Visit this page for an introduction to our Earth 101 series of introductory courses
  • This page is about our extensive transcontinental learning community.
  • Our events page offers information about upcoming events and classes.