Ermah Ge is in hibernation for a few months while its founder — Alder Stone — works on his current project, Stone’s Map, which includes Ermah Ge.  (See static image below, which is the entire mind map collapsed to level 1 primary nodes.   Please click the image for a high resolution explorable version.   Within months, the entire map will be online and can be explored by anyone.

In the actual map, nodes are expanded by clicking the small “+” beside them.  Branches to several levels contain the details of each node, plus links, images, videos, notes, etc.  The Stone’s Map video series will include dozens of hours of videos — from 10-min Youtube shorts to multi-hour video courses hosted at AlderStone3 (and in 2018 on this site).

The Ermah Ge learning community — and this site — emerge again in late 2017 or 2018.   Beginning in spring, 2018, it will be based in Scotland.

Thank you for your patience while Ermah Ge evolves.  We hope that you will join us someday.