Associates & advisors

Alder Stone Fuller — founder & chief instructor

Alder earned a PhD in Evolution and Ecology (UNM, 1990); an MS in Probability Theory & Mathematical Statistics; an MS, Biological Systematics; and a BS in Invertebrate Biology. After finishing university, he taught biology and mathematics at Central New Mexico Community College, Albuquerque until 1998.  He has been a free-lance, college-level educator since 2001, in Maine since 2010. He founded Ermah Ge in 2014. He is also writing a book about systems sciences, biological systems, geophysiology, and their relevance to the future evolution of human cultures.  He is also writing a book about systems sciences, biological systems, geophysiology, and their relevance to the future evolution of human cultures.  He is a backpacker, mountaineer, and lover of big wilderness; a student of the relationship between science, art and mythology; a photographer; a poet, electronic percussionist, and passionate dancer to electronic dance music with fast beats, often called ‘techno’.  A more complete bio is here.

Bonnie Sammons — high school science & permaculture

Bonnie Sammons taught earth and environmental sciences, biology, and chemistry at middle, high and alternative schools in central Maine. She advised award-winning Envirothon Teams, an active Outing Club and the Amnesty International Student Group.  Bonnie participated in field research projects in Colorado, Montana, Indonesia, South America and in the Canadian Rockies.  She volunteered at a high school in Tanzania, East Africa.  Bonnie holds a BS in Plant and Soil Sciences and an MS in Science Education from the University of Maine and an MS in Education Technology from Thomas College.  Her training includes certifications in Wildlife Tracking, Wilderness First Aid, and Permaculture Design.  She is a Master Gardener and a registered Maine Guide.  Ms. Sammons operates a small farm business in Belgrade.  She is a member of the Sustain Mid Maine Coalition’s Education and Energy Teams. She is a founding member of the newly formed Permaculture Team for that organization.  She enjoys backpacking, kayaking, cycling, winter sports, spending time in the woods, and engaging in community educational efforts.

Carmine Leo — emotional intelligence

Carmine is the President and Founder of Carmine Leo & Associates, Inc., an organization committed to providing professional organizations, teams and individuals with a unique and proven methodology to develop emotional literacy and authentic being through the application of emotional intelligence coaching and training.  He is also the owner of and maintains a thriving private coaching practice.  Over the last dozen years he has worked successfully coaching hundreds of clients from all walks of life and from all over the world, every kind of person from single moms to CEOs, from combat-veteran Marines to teenage artists and musicians, as well as working with clients within organizations such as Raytheon, NASA, IBM, General Atomics, The Washington Post, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and many others. Carmine was a co-developer – in collaboration with Pam Leo – of the parenting workshops, “Meeting the Needs of Children” which were eventually transformed into Pam’s seminal book, “Connection Parenting.”  Carmine has traveled extensively throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Africa and Japan, and has lived in northern India.  He lives with two old cats in an 1834 New England farmhouse, on 26 acres of rolling fields and woods in central Maine.  He chops wood, carries water, makes tea, keeps a canoe down by the river and admits to knowing nothing at all about zen.  Carmine considers abrupt climate change to be the single, most pressing issue of all that faces humanity, and — along with Ermah Ge’s program — sees permaculture, community building and parenting education as significant and comprehensive solutions to the dangers of anthropogenic global warming.

Edward Hummel — meteorology & abrupt climate change

Ed is a retired meteorologist living in Garland, Maine with his wife with whom he built their homestead using just hand tools almost 35 years ago.  He has a BS in Chemistry from UMass and MS in Meteorology from Rutgers and served as a naval officer in the US Naval Weather Service.  After his tour in the navy and graduate school, Ed worked as a meteorologist for Environmental Research and Technology in Massachusetts for 6 years before deciding to start a new life in Maine in 1981.  He taught science and math in the Dexter (Maine) school system and also started his own weather forecasting and consulting service from his home and which he still runs today in his retirement.  He and wife Judy grow much of their own food and provide for all their fuel wood from their 50 acre woodlot.  They also provide their own electricity from a PV array and have been living off the grid during their whole time in Maine.   Ed is also one of the founders of the local Transition Town organization called Dexter Dover Area Towns in Transition (DDATT) as well as an associate with Ermah Ge.

James Burke — AST, medicine & management

James is a retired OB-GYN and naval officer. He has run several small businesses, taught business at a community college, and actively volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.  He is currently writing his fourth novel.  He considers himself a life-long learner, scientist, and atheist.

Nathan Kroms Davis — educational software development

Nate has worked in music, technology, art, mathematics, and finance. He is a co-founder of Tourmaline Incorporated, a community-focused software development company, and — with two other colleagues — of Rockland Steel House, a co-working space and makerspace in Rockland, Maine. His current creative projects are attempts to use technology to craft a more embracing humanism. His current technical work focuses on artificial intelligence and machine learning. He holds a PhD in music theory and composition from the University of California, Davis and an MA in mathematics from Brandeis University.

Ross Nason — conference management

Ross is currently the Environmental Planner for Kennebec Valley Council of Governments, Fairfield, Maine, where he assists members with various technical issues that include environmental regulatory compliance; waste systems planning, design and operations; household hazardous waste collections, and universal waste management.  Previously, he managed municipal and regional facilities across Waldo County.  Ross is active with many statewide groups including:  the Maine Resource Recovery Association (MRRA), a 300 town municipal recycling cooperative, where he serves as Past President; and he serves as vice-chair for Time and Tide, a resource conservation and development organization.  Ross is the founding president of NAHMMA New England (North American Hazardous Materials Management Association).  Ross holds B.S. in Environmental Sciences from the University of Maine, where he also competed graduate studies in Bio-Resource Engineering and Public Administration.  Ross is a life-long learner and enjoys fishing, woodworking, and hanging out with his family in the quiet farming community of Palmyra.

Susan Littlefield — outreach coordinator

Susan moved to Maine in 2002, following retirement from government work in New Hampshire. She settled in Belgrade, Maine, in the Belgrade Lakes watershed, and was on the board of the Belgrade Lakes Association for five years. She is currently employed, part-time, by that organization as database and office manager. It is this relatively recent exposure to lake-water quality issues that led her to an interest in the effects of global warming and climate changes on fresh-water lakes worldwide and in Maine. She began her association with Ermah Ge in 2014, through participation in one of the Earth 101 courses that took place in Rockland, Maine, and plans to continue her studies for the entire series.

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