Ermah Ge – pronounced “Irma Gee” – is an education collective by Dr. Alder Stone Fuller and associates.  Our mission is to facilitate understanding of how nature works using principles from system sciences, biosciences, geophysiology (aka Earth system science), evolution, and climatology, and to accelerate mitigation and community resilience via adaptability to abrupt climate change.

We offer an antidote to stifling mechanistic scientific orthodoxy; a radical new way of seeing our world “ including our living Earth; and new cultural maps to guide us during the challenging decades ahead.

“What confronts us is not simply an ‘environmental’ dilemma or ‘fossil fuel’ problem or ‘climate crisis’; the changes in nature are but symptoms of a profound ‘human crisis’ that cuts to the heart of our civilization. Scientific diagnosis and technological remedy may help allay physical symptoms for a time, but they can’t cure what ails us. Rethinking the big questions is not a philosophical luxury, but rather a practical matter that bears directly on the questions that we ask as we grapple with this long emergency and debate the strategies to pursue.  A new cultural map is needed one that can help orient us in these unprecedented circumstances and provide direction and coherence to human efforts at this critical historical moment.”

–Dianne Dumanoski, The End of the Long Summer:
      Why We Must Remake Civilization to Survive on a Volatile Earth

We chose our name — Ermah Ge —  explicitly and with much thought to promote a bit of recursion in the education process. That is, one of our goals is to help communities understand our name – Ermah Ge – and the importance of the concepts that it embodies for the future of our species.  Ermah is an acronym: Earth’s metabolism and homeostasis, which is the best short description of Ge or Gaia, our self-regulating planet, explained by Gaia theory and studied by the science of geophysiology, which is sometimes called Earth system science (though technically there is a subtle but important distinction between the two disciplines).

Ge is the root of geometry,  geography, geology,  geophysiology,
and an ancient spelling of Gaia.

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