More about Ermah GE

Below are links to four slide shows (“Prezi’s) addressing these topics:

  1. Ermah Ge: description, motivations and goals
  2. Is Ermah Ge’s Earth Studies Program is right for you?
  3. Ermah Ge’s Community Supported Education (CSE) program & shares
  4. A graphical course catalog of the Earth Studies Program

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Slide shows are self-paced: read at your own rate, whether scanning quickly or reading closely at a measured pace.  Nonlinearly – jumping around to various slides out of sequence – is possible with practice.   The home (first) slide is the map of show; all slides are displayed there.  Estimated times are for a close read.


1. Ermah Ge: mission, motivations, premises and goals; explanation of our name.




Is ESP right for you? 2. Is Earth Studies Program right for you? Will you find value by studying it?  What kinds of students will be most interested in ESP?   To answer those questions, view this 7-minute slide show, and answer the questions.  If you answer “yes” to a substantial number – say, half or more – then ESP will be of value to you.


3. Community Supported Education and Ermah Ge shares, modeled on the concept of community supported agriculture (CSA) in which share holders pay a farmer in advance for a share of his or her harvest.


4. This is the Earth Studies Program course catalog, a description of courses from three instructors, including the Earth 101 introductory seminars.  Viewing through the Earth 101 sequence takes about 20 minutes; to include advanced courses, allow a total of about 45 – 60 minutes.