Last updated : Sunday, September 25, 2016.

The lecture series at Tiller & Rye, described below, has been cancelled.  Even though we love the store, and deeply appreciate their invitation to speak there, we learned during the first event that it is not a suitable venue for lectures.  We were set up in their cafe, and some people there did not want to hear a lecture, but talk with each other — as is natural.  We are in the process of rescheduling the lecture series in a different venue.

Earth 101 Wednesdays @ Tiller & Rye
A Lecture Series about the Complexity Sciences
by Alder Stone Fuller (PhD, evolutionary ecology)
Begins Wednesday, September 21, 5:30 pm
Tiller & Rye Local Grocer, 20 S. Main St, Brewer ME

This multi-week lecture series explores the principles of complexity sciences applied to living systems from cells to Earth.   Complexity is a revolution and renaissance in science and mathematics on par with relativity theory and quantum physics, but far easier to understand — even for those with no science background — and applicable to everything: cells, organisms, health, weather, climate, businesses, corporations, organizations, institutions, ecosystems, permaculture, societies, economics, politics, Earth, the cosmos and everyday life.  It is informed by the work of top scientists and mathematicians, including Nobel laureates, and yields profound changes in our understanding of nature, Earth, life and human organizations.

Video introduction to Complexity Sciences

Short version of How Nature Works: Introduction to Complexity Sciences from Alder Stone on Vimeo.